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Diablo III Fanart Contest: Ready to kill by LASILFIDEOSCURA

Well, first thing to say is that I really like what you have done here and that is the main reason of why I thought of writing this cri...



Commission: Webway by saint-max
Commission: Webway
Greetings friends and followers

So finally and after such a long time, the final Webway illustration for the II Legion.
Honestly I found out that I need to put more time into drawing landscapes, I invested a lot of time into painting characters and ignored landscapes almost completely.

The Thunder Legion forum page:…
The II Primarch commission:
 The II Primarch: Icarion The Stormborn by saint-max
Raiden Athrawes Commssion:
 Commission: Raiden Athrawes by saint-max
The story behind the illustrations written by Nicolas the creator of the II Legion.


Brother Rasemmon sat silently, contemplating the star pattern before him. The ever changing patterns of starlight helped to focus his mind in times of doubt, strain.


Today it did not come easily. 


The patterns which once formed images of tranquility and peace, now formed hard outlines of violence and anger.


So focused on the lights was he that Rasemmon never heard another visitor enter the ventral observation blister.


Even blindfolded, and without birth-sight, Rasemmon felt a new harmony envelope the room. Energy changed, and rebalanced surrounding the presence of this visitor.


Rasemmon breathed deeply and began to focus his humors; pushing the phlegmatic to the side and bringing the Melancholic to the fore.


With one final sigh, Rasemmon turned his new-sight upon the visitor opening his minds eye.


A pair of impossible blue eyes greeted him warmly. 


"My Lord" he murmured reverently suppressing a wry grin. He had been expecting this conversation.


"How do you fare this morning?" Returned the Visitor, shaping his aura to radiate calm and curiosity.


"Well" Replied the wounded Seeker, flinching at the power the visitors’ subtle aura.


Before Rasemmon, stood a being cut from starlight, measured and formed in the shape of a man. The II Primarch stood resplendent in a shimmering robe adorned with shifting star pattern, a curious echo of the astral vista before both warrior and lord.


As Rasemmon rose from his lotus position, Icarion came around the chamber and took up a position between him and the view portal, the star patterns of his robe blending seamlessly into the background.


"When we found you, you lay prone on the ground before a dead device of Xenos origin. Do you recall what happened?" To look at the words of the question would leave you to believe Icarions' words were cold, and clinically measured. But psychically he imbued the question with an undercurrent of warmth and concern, the subtle shaping of his aura flavoring the spoken words with a radiant inflection of belonging. 


Rasemmon gathered his thoughts, and when he was ready began his tale.


"My squad and I were reconing the valley when we came upon the device.” He paused briefly, unsure of how to continue. Icarion’s Aura soothed him with encouragement and he continued.  “We all felt it, like it drew us to it. Duren, an apprentice of the squad suggested we return to the muster, report what we had found."


"You didn't" Icarion responded, it wasn’t a question.


"No, I didn't. Rasemmon paused again, his confidence wavering, but again an aura of encouragement and curiosity gently pressed him to continue. “It felt. It felt as if we were meant to find it, like it wanted to be found."


Icarion said nothing, his Aura became opaque but not before Rasemmon got the distinct impression his lord has already known all of this. In light of that last thought, he continued his tale.



"I reached out to touch the device."


"With your hand?" Icarions’ eyes bore into him with a laserlike focus.


"WIth my mind."


"And?" Icarion asked. Rasemmon expected his lord to radiate annoyance at the delay in his tale, but instead found only another burst of encouragement, from the Primarchs subtle Aura.


"And then suddenly I was elsewhere."


"Elsewhere?" Icarion projected an Aura that conveyed a sense of nonplussed reaction, but again Rasemmon got a gentle feeing that his lord knew everything of which his son spoke.


"It was a realm of shifting vistas and light which bent in upon itself in endless and disconcerting geometry." Rasemmon described, though the words came difficultly to him.


"And what did you see there?" Icarion asked. The words he spoke were cold, but again were projected along with a brief flash of curiosity.


"I saw many things. Through one of these portals I saw a vista of unparalleled beauty, a mountain rising through a sea of clouds. In another, a child playing near stream, full of life and surrounded by a verdant wood. In yet another I saw that same child as a man, aged a hundred years sitting by the same stream, dried up and barren of life and vibrancy."


"Is that all you saw?" Icarions curiosity burned brightly for a shimmering moment being subdued again.


"In the last moment before I lost consciousness from the strain, I saw.."


Rasemmon paused to make sure he indeed wanted to share his concerning vision with his lord. Though his time in the alien realm had been brief, and disorienting. One image he had seen in the shimmering portals stood out from the rest. It was a image that would stay with him until his final breath, and he wished nothing but to leave it unspoken. However, soon as the thought was formed, he dismissed it. Though the image he had seen had been painful and had caused him great duress, surely his father would understand the ridiculousness of it and comfort him with its impossibility.


With that in mind, Rasemmon focused and brought his tale to its conclusion.


"I saw a city in flames. I saw Madrigal burn."


and as always c&C are more than welcome :D
Blue Colossus ~ Faeria by saint-max
Blue Colossus ~ Faeria
Greetings friends and followers

Here is my latest card illustration for the online strategy card game Faeria.

Game website:
Team lead artist:
DA group:

Follow for more updates :)…
TWW: Ulter - WIP 1 by saint-max
TWW: Ulter - WIP 1
Greetings friends and followers.

Here is an update on the next illustration I am working on for my personal character The White Witch. This time I finally convinced my self to start recording the process from the start. well not really from the start, I think I missed the color study I did, but all the painting process is recorded so far. The plan is to edit a nice tutorial with voice over showcasing my workflow.

As you can see, the illustration is still at its early stage, and I am still sketching down ideas and concepts for the outfit and background.

Hope you like it so far.

Concept sketch:
TWW: Ulter concept 1 by saint-max
Commission: Webway ~ WIP 01 by saint-max
Commission: Webway ~ WIP 01
Greetings friends and followers

Its been a long time since my last update here so I thought of sharing with you a wip from the commission I am working on at the moment. Its a 40K scene illustration, its my first commission that is not centered on the character/s. I have to admit that it is challenging but equally as fun :D
So what can I say, its always fun to come back to do illustrations for the II legion, you can check the previous illustrations I did for the II legion here:
Commission: Raiden Athrawes by saint-maxThe II Primarch: Icarion The Stormborn by saint-max

Hope you like WIP,
C&c are more than welcome as usual.


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ibrahem swaid
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A concept/game designer and a digital illustrator.

Current Residence: UAE
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Greetings friends and followers.

I had the pleasure to be a guest at Artists Working "فنانون يشتغلون" . I answered some questions regarding my workflow and did a small tutorial for a sketch long forgotten.
You can skip to the 45 minutes mark to start watching the coloring tutorial, keep it on mute if you don't speak Arabic :P

After I finished I remember a lot of things that I could've mentioned during the tutorial, but hopefully I will do better next time. and sorry for the heavy breathing >_< I must get a better mic for any future sessions.
hmmm and its really strange when you listen to your own voice, I kinda forgot that I had this strong Syrian accent >_<


As I am taking part in Comic-Con next month i wanted to ask what type of prints would you like me to make? and if you can write in the comment the name of the illustrations as well :D 

33 deviants said Warhammer 40K
4 deviants said Sketches: mostly my red digital sketchs and drawings.
3 deviants said Faeria
3 deviants said Political: includes ISIS covers and Tin Tin fan art
3 deviants said The Black Mosque
1 deviant said Diablo fanart

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